Premier League Fantasy Football 2015/16

For those wondering, Keith has set up a league again and we’ll be going through that one. Details below. Pretty sure I’m going to win it all this year. Unless I don’t.

Code to join this league: 1162244-280342


Fantasy EPL 2014/15

No, not THAT kind of Fantasy Soccer.

No, not THAT kind of Fantasy Soccer.

Fantasy Football league is back for those interested. Time to spend millions of fake money on some of the best players in the world and try to create a fantasy dream team. Or as they call it in Spain…..Real Madrid. Details below:
League Name: WAWA’s EPL
Code to join this league: 36824-251019

Keith ‘Wawa’ Walter set this one up for us. He knows the Nose is always out of it by about week 3 due to gross negligence (not this year – this is our year, maybe), but if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here on comments or on Twitter and we can pass them through to him.

US v Belgium – GPL Watch Party


The folks at Gunpowder Lodge wanted us to share that they will of course have some great specials, and a great crowd, for the US v Belgium match.

$2 Cans
$2.50 Bottles
Pit Beef, Pit Turkey, and Pulled Pork BBQ Specials

And….a DJ for after the match, to celebrate our victory! I Believe That We Will Win!


World Cup Viewing Party (Take 2) – US v Portugal

This will be the scene on Sunday

This will be the scene on Sunday!

For Sunday June 22, the folks at Gunpowder Lodge will be having another Watch Party for the massive US v Portugal match. A win combined with a Ghana loss to Germany, and the US advances from the Group of Death to the final rounds. A draw or loss and it’s still all to play for. Should be some gripping stuff.

Same basic details as the party on Monday for the Ghana match, detailed below:

  • $35 – All you can eat/drink
  • Designated Driver tickets available: $15 (includes all you can eat)
    • Also note, if you purchase $15 ticket, you are still able to buy drinks directly at the bar.
  • Kids 10 and under are free
  • Portion of proceeds will be donated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes)

For those that came out Monday night….what a party! Cramming inside to watch on one of the many screens or the 110-inch HD projection screen created incredible atmosphere for the huge US victory. The DJ afterward was perfect way to keep a great party going late. Plan on doing it again!

As mentioned on Monday, those of you that did purchase tickets and/or attend Monday night, please bring your ticket or wristband on Sunday and you’ll admitted for free. The giant screen out back will be tested and working a day ahead of time to ensure no glitches, so bring your chairs and blankets and get stuck in.


World Cup Viewing Party at GPL – US v Ghana


A few items not listed in the flier:

  • Designated Driver tickets available: $15 (includes all you can eat)
    • Also note, if you purchase $15 ticket, you are still able to buy drinks directly.
  • Kids 10 and under are free.
  • DJ ‘Victor T’ will be playing music after the game. He’s dusting off a copy “Celebrate” by Kool and the Gang.
  • Also not mentioned is that a portion of the proceeds will actually be going to charity (JDRF – for diabetes)
  • There will be shooter girls gallivanting around.
  • There will most likely be some impromptu drawings (timing of first goal, who has to drive Hennigan home, etc).

The flier above (which you can download here if you want) pretty much covers the rest, but if you have any questions feel free to add comments below or call the number from the flier.

Once every four years folks. Tell the boss you’re going to be sick Tuesday (let’s face it – you are). Tell your wife or husband you have a priority meeting and not to wait up, and get stuck in to the party and help cheer our boys on in their first step toward winning the World Cup! Yeah, that’s right. Winning the World Cup.

See you there.

Here are some pics from the last time we did this.


Boh Nose Soccer


Check out the next generation of Baltimore Legends. The Baltimore Bohemians are locally owned, coached by Baltimore boy Santino Quaranta and field several former and current Baltimore college stars. Stop by and see them Saturday at 5:30pm at Calvert Hall. For tickets and team info visit


Local boy misses out on World Cup

US Men’s National Team Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has made some controversial decisions recently, but one that flew a bit under the radar was the exclusion of a local Baltimore boy that’s worked his soiled tail off in an effort to get the call.

Our own senior Under-2 soccer correspondent Sally Stanwick has the compelling full story below:

As noted at the end of the report, the boy apparently specializes in being the ‘far-kicker’. So the question is: if/when Klinsi needs a far-kicker later in a tight match, where will he turn now that he’s left this young drooler off the squad?


WoodNose World Cup Bracket Pool – 2014



It’s that time again! Get your brackets filled out before the World Cup starts June 12th.  Full details below.

  • To Join, click this link right here, and sign up if you’re not already in there from last time.
  • If the link doesn’t work for you, just go to the ESPN Bracket Predictor page, and find our group: it’s called “WoodNose Soccer WC Pool”
  • Password:
    • woodnose
  • Cost:
    • $10
  • Deadline for payment
    • Sunday June 15th (last day of the first round of groups stage games).
    • If you haven’t paid by then, you’ll probably just be removed from the pool
  • Payment options:
    • Paypal:
    • US Mail: 17 Dovefield Road Perry Hall, Md 21128
  • Payout:
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place pay out at 75%, 20% and 5% of the total pot.

Also be sure to include some information about who you are in your profile in the game, so we know who it is to potentially pay out to or make fun of your picks.

You heard it here first on the WoodNose – Chile will win the World Cup!

Klinsmann’s New Order



19 Days to the World Cup!

This happened yesterday, which apparently caused the face above to happen to every US Soccer fan. The news even trended on Twitter globally.

It’s a decision that certainly raises a lot of questions from the US Soccer community, such as what is Klinsmann thinking? Is there something personal between them? If it’s because of Donovan’s dipping form then what about others that are reportedly on poor form like Yedlin, Brooks or even Altidore (yes I know that sounds ridiculous just making rhetorical points here)? If it was his age, how come Brad Davis – currently the same age as Donovan – is essentially taking his spot? If it’s about his commitment, hasn’t he already paid the price for that when being left out of the team until the Gold Cup last year in which he was MVP and proved he wanted back in, and didn’t Timmy Chandler have some ‘commitment’ issues as well? Or, is this all just an elaborate German revenge plot for World War II?

These are all questions to which we do not have answers, and maybe never will. Only Jurgen Klinsman really knows the motivations, and as far as whether it was the right call…I don’t agree with it to be honest, but at this point I prefer to just try to trust Jurgen’s judgment.

We can make an educated guess that Klinsmann never had much love for Donovan after the failed stint at Bayern Munich in 2009, in which Klinsmann fought to get Bayern to sign Donovan.

Combine that with a relative dip in form for Donovan, the stain of the self-imposed ‘sabbatical’ that he took, along with the ever-improving depth of talent in the US player pool, and it all made it bit easier for Klinsmann to just decide to go another direction. He wanted a younger, more athletic squad (which also explains selections like Timmy Chandler and John Brooks).

Not that it will be easy these next few days, as this is certain to be a distraction, and certainly will be very problematic for Klinsi should the US bow out in the group state with an impotent offense. Folks are already pointing to the fact that in 12 games Landon Donovan has scored more World Cup finals goals  than Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have in 31 World Cup games combined (3 goals). That’s a fairly staggering statistic, but it also means very little in the present.

Of course this is not entirely out of character for Klinsmann – he is known to spring surprises. And for the 23 players that did make the cut – you can be certain that if they didn’t already, they now have full respect for the fact that no one is safe and he is not afraid to make unpopular choices, so I imagine they will work their butts off for him. In just my last post I spoke about the value of players having the right amount of fear for their coach.

So hopefully we can all just thank Landon for his brilliant career, then sit back and enjoy the fruits of Klinsi’s new order this summer. His is the only opinion that matters, and although I don’t entirely agree with it, I’m willing to trust and hope for the best.
Come on you Yanks!

RIP Coach Karp


Sadly, Baltimore soccer lost another legend this week, with former Calvert Hall Soccer Coach Bill Karpovich’s passing.

Most people know “Coach Karp” from his time at the Hall. He also coached (as an assistant) professionally with the Baltimore Bays. The pic/profile above is from a program from a match in 1973 (Baltimore Bays vs Arminia Bielefeld of Germany, at Memorial Stadium). He may have coached elsewhere too, not sure.

A lot of people have some funny stories about Coach Karp. We’re posting this here cause we’d like to hear some of them below in the comments section. Anything from his time at the Hall, or from the Bays, etc.

One story that’s not necessarily soccer-related but says a bit about him…

I went to play golf at Clifton Park one summer, and I noticed Mr. Karp was playing ahead of us. When you’re an aspiring player, Coach Karp was the kind of guy whose presence drew out the nerves. He was the legend at the helm of the storied Calvert Hall Soccer program, with a famously strong personality, and I was just a young bucket of nervousness, getting ready to try to play soccer at Calvert Hall

I wasn’t sure he saw me and I didn’t go out of my way to say hey just yet – I’d probably just say something dumb or simply alert him to the fact I wasn’t out running hills or sprints in preparation for training camp. Better I just lay low and out of sight.

At some point, I hit a comically large snap-hook that headed straight for a cart on another hole. And of course…“Oh S**T….that’s Mr. Karp’s cart!?“. The ball missed, but me yelling “fore” drew a duck and cover drill, which always frustrates golfers. Great.

My group all finished their tee-shots while I tried to get smaller than the small I already was, and hoped he didn’t realize who hit that shot and would just move on. Even if he saw which golfer hit it, surely he didn’t know it was a potential player of his, right? One that would really rather not pi$$ him off.

He casually, ominously, steered his cart across his fairway toward my group until he was close enough for us to hear his typically prodigious yell…
“Hope you’re better at soccer than you are at golf, Woodward!”

I don’t recall for sure, but I’d wager I made myself run a lot of hills and juggled the ball a helluva lot after that.

This is the sort of fear he could put into you though. We came into camp in tip-top shape every year, so as to not face his wrath. Yes, we were well-coached, well-organized, and could play good soccer, etc…but one thing for certain is that we would very rarely be out-worked by an opponent. He made sure of that. His results speak for themselves, and his personality and way of instilling respect – and fear  (and at the right times, confidence) – played a big part.

Maybe stretching it a bit, but to me t’s not all that hard to look at the Manchester United situation and see parallels in terms of the impact the right amount of fear/respect for your coach/manager can have on certain players. Players didn’t seem to have that same ‘fear’ with Moyes.

Not everyone agreed with Coach Karp of course, and he, like anyone that successful, had some enemies (as did the great purple-nosed Alex Ferguson). But as a player of his you couldn’t argue his methods, or he’d happily show you the door marked Exit, and show off his collection of trophies on your way out.

Coach Karpovich clearly had a huge and positive impact on soccer in this town. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family.

As a postscript…many of course know that our dad Otis – the Poppa Woodnose himself –  passed away last year, and quite honestly we’ve been unable to write much on here since then. We gave up on the site a bit. Otis was the biggest follower/commenter/fan/nose of the WoodNose crew. But, in a World Cup year, he’d want it back in action, so…we’re trying to do that, and get the soccer talk goin again on here.

So help us out – start by letting us know your Coach Karp stories.

More to come, including a World Cup pool, and some special Otis-related stuff. You can subscribe by entering your email in the box in the upper right.